Thursday, August 03, 2006


This is not the commentary post, but rather the ST post. Revelation means something that God has revealed to humanity. God has revealed Himself in nature (general revelation), and He has also revealed Himself in special revelation (Scripture). General revelation is sufficient to leave all without excuse. That is, none can shake their fists at God on judment day and say, "Not enough evidence." The world screams evidence that there is a Creator, and that if there is a Creator, then we owe Him our allegiance. Within themselves, all know that there is a God. This is also part of general revelation. There are no real atheists. That innate knowledge of God that we all have has been implanted in us. It may be hidden underneath many layers of denial, but it is still there. However, as important as this general revelation is, it is not sufficient for salvation, since it does not reveal Jesus Christ. Special revelation refers to Scripture. Therein lie the words of life. Therein lie the words that tell us of Jesus Christ. John 5 and Luke 24 tell us that the point of the Bible is to tell us about Jesus. It is all about Jesus. There is not some portion of Scripture which does not have ultimate reference to Jesus. There are no dead ends in the Old Testament. All lines lead to Jesus. There are no dead ends in Israel (contra the Dispensational understanding of OT prophecy). The church is the true Israel, as exemplified in Jesus Christ Himself, who relives Israel's history as the faithful Servant. Galatians 3 tells us that we are the true inheritors of the promises given to Abraham. We are the true children of Abraham. Galatians 3, by the way, is the rock on which Dispensationalism fails.


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