Thursday, August 03, 2006

1-3 John

There are quite a few decent commentaries on these epistles, though many of them don't believe that John wrote the epistles. Most of the time, it doesn't affect the exegesis. On the other hand, there are quite a few excellent commentaries slated to come out in the next few years. First-rate: Candlish (1 John), Lias (1 John), Brown, Burge, Kruse, Marshall, Schnackenburg, Smalley, Lieu (2&3 John), Stott Second-rate: Black, Clark (1 John), Akin, Brooke, Bruce, Johnson, Kysar, Smith, Strecker, Painter Third-rate: Bultmann Forthcoming: Carson (NIGTC), Lieu (NTL), Smalley (revision of his already existing work in WBC), Smith (ICC), Wahlde (ECC), Yarbrough (BECNT) Conservative: Candlish, Lias, Kruse, Marshall, Schnackenburg, Stott, Clark, Akin, Brooke, Bruce, Johnson, Moderate: Burge, Smalley, Lieu, Black, Kysar, Smith, Painter Liberal: Strecker, Bultmann Of the forthcoming commentaries, Carson and Yarbrough will be conservative; Lieu, Smalley, and Smith will be moderate, and Wahlde is an unknown, but will probably be moderate to liberal.


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