Monday, July 24, 2006

The Pastoral Epistles

This has had a spate of recent excellent commentaries. I should definitely mention the best book on the difficult passage of 2:8-15 entitled Women in the Church, edited by Kostenberger and Schreiner. It is now in the second edition. It is a stout defense of the complementarian position on the passage. First-rate: Johnson (1&2 Timothy), Quinn/Wacker (1&2 Timothy), Knight, Marshall, Mounce, Quinn (Titus), Liefeld, Fairbairn, Taylor (Puritan on Titus), Towner Second-rate: Liddon (1 Timothy), Kelly, Oden, Dunn, Dibelius/Conzelmann, Fee, Guthrie, Lea/Griffin, Stott, Hughes Third-rate: Lock, Collins Forthcoming: Beale (ZEC), Porter (BECNT), Koestenberger (EBC), Malherbe (Herm), Yarbrough (PNTC) Conservative: Knight, Mounce, Fairbairn, Taylor, Liddon, Fee, Guthrie, Lea/Griffin, Stott, Hughes Moderate: Johnson, Marshall, Quinn, Liefeld, Towner, Kelly, Oden, Dunn, Lock Liberal: Quinn/Wacker, Dibelius/Conzelmann, Collins Of the forthcoming, Beale, Porter, Koestenberger and Yarbrough will all be conservative, even on 2:8-15. Malherbe will be liberal. Towner just came out (in NICNT). I understand he takes an egalitarian position on 2:8-15, but it is a massive commentary that cannot be ignored.


At 9/07/2006 07:45:00 AM, Blogger Jeremy Pierce said...

Towner is very conservative except for his egalitarianism.

Fee usually gets high marks. I haven't used it much myself, but I was surprised to see you had it under second-rate.


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