Sunday, July 30, 2006


James has a good number of commentaries on it, but it also has some really good ones awaiting publication. For a great presentation on James 2 in relation to Paul, make sure you read Owen's works, volume 5, pp 384-400 First-rate: Bauckham, Davids, Dibelius/Greeven, Johnson, Johnstone, Laws, Manton, Martin, Mayor, Moo, Guthrie Second-rate: Adamson, Ropes, Tasker, Lange, Reicke, Perkins Forthcoming: Allison (ICC), Doriani (REC), George (BTCB), Green (NTL), Kloppenborg (Herm), McCartney (BECNT), McKnight (NICNT) Conservative: Davids, Johnstone, Manton, Martin, Moo, Adamson, Tasker, Lange Moderate: Bauckham, Johnson, Laws, Mayor, Ropes, Reicke Liberal: Dibelius./Greeven, Perkins Of the forthcoming commentaries, Doriani, George, McCartney, and McKnight will be conservative; Allison and Green will be moderate; and Kloppenborg will probably be liberal.


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