Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Surprisingly, there are not a lot of great commentaries on Galatians. there are only four really good ones, and the rest are rather mediocre. First-rate: Longenecker, George, Ryken, Brown (Geneva series) Second-rate: Betz, Bruce, Burton, Dunn, Lightfoot, Martyn, Luther, Machen, Morris, Fung, Ridderbos, Silva (not really a commentary, but still helpful), Cole, Hays, Cousar, Hansen Forthcoming: Carson (PNTC), Moo (BECNT), Stanton (ICC), Van Voorst (ECC), N.T. Wright (THNTC), Garlington (EBC rev.) Conservative: Longenecker, George, Ryken, Brown, Bruce, Lightfoot, Luther, Machen, Morris, Fung, Ridderbos, Silva, Cole, Hansen Moderate: Betz, Burton, Dunn, Martyn, Hays, Cousar Of the forthcoming commentaries, Carson and Moo will be conservative, N.T. Wright and Garlington will be moderate (both are NPP advocates), and Stanton and Van Voorst are unknowns to me, though I suspect they will be liberal, given the series they will occupy.


At 9/07/2006 07:24:00 AM, Blogger Jeremy Pierce said...

I prefer Bruce to Longenecker. Also, Martyn is very well respected by most scholars, as it Betz. Both are fairly liberal, and I don't think their views are even close to right in many cases, but they both have garnered a fair amount of respect for those commentaries. That may just reflect the paucity of good commentaries, but they do get a lot of kudos.

At 2/06/2007 04:53:00 PM, Anonymous Fred Greco said...

Longenecker is OK, but certainly not superior. A minister with a decent amount of Greek would do far better in my opinion with George (whose conclusions are better, and pastoral applications far superior) or Ryken or even Bruce.

Like most Word commentaries, Longenecker can be helpful at times, pedantic at times, and downright boring and unhelpful at times. Buy George, Ryken, Bruce, and Calvin. Only if you have money left over (and already own Henry and Poole) buy Longenecker.


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