Thursday, July 20, 2006


Also lots of good stuff here. First-rate: Bruce, Barth/Blanke, Davenant, Harris, Garland, Pokorny, Dunn, Lincoln, Lohse, O'Brien, Wilson Second-rate: Abbott, Martin, Melick, Clark, Moule, N.T. Wright, Herbert Carson, Barclay Forthcoming: O'Brien/Arnold (WBC rev), Beale (BECNT), Moo (PNTC), Still (EBC rev) Conservative: Bruce, Davenant, Harris, Garland, O'Brien, Abbott, Melick, Clark, Moule, Carson, Barclay Moderate: Pokorny, Dunn, Barth/Blanke, Martin, Lincoln, N.T. Wright Liberal: Wilson, Lohse Of forthcoming commentaries, all should be pretty conservative.


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